Features of HKT

Selection of Products and Proposal for Meeting Customers' Needs

HKT has been developing its own brands based on its original designs. In addition, we can also assist our customers regarding their designs and plans to meet their required specifications.
We can procure the products you need according to your detailed specifications through networks that are not only in Japan but also overseas, as well as offering project proposals. For example, it's possible to procure parts from other countries and make products by utilizing them.
We can also commercialize products through our procurement network even if the production amount is small.

Global Procurement

HKT has production centers in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand, and supplies OEM parts to auto manufacturers.
We procure products and parts from countries all over the world through our overseas network.
By utilizing our long-established networks in countries around the world, as well as our specialized expertise, we are capable of procuring any single part or combination of parts.

Setting High Quality Control Standards

HKT selects products and suppliers based on its assessment criteria.
We formulate our original assessment method (QCD assessment) based on the required product specifications.
Moreover, regarding product control when receiving shipments, HKT carries out thorough and in-depth quality inspections.

Acquisition of ISO certificates

Inquiries about
our products and services