CSR Activities

CSR Basic Policy

HKT will comply with laws and regulations inside and outside of Japan as a company trusted by society, will value communications with associated parties (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local community, the authorities), and will contribute to the sustainable development of society through business activities, based on our management philosophy.

Contributions to society

  • Engage in CSR activities in all local areas where HKT has business operations.
  • Endeavor to research and develop new technologies, and provide very attractive products, high quality products and environmentally friendly products to earn customer satisfaction and trust from society.
  • Aspire to enhance corporate values through the long-term and stable growth of the company.

Respect for human resources

  • Respect the personality and individuality of employees and persons concerned, and to engage in creation of an environment where each one of us can take an active part, so that we will have peace of mind and richness of spirit.
  • Whenever employees find out any act which disturbs the social order, or order within the company, they should report it to the company. HKT will protect such whistleblowers so that they will not receive any retaliation, dismissal, and/or discriminatory treatment.

Contribution to the global environment

  • Preserve the environment and endeavor to hand over a bright future for the earth to the next generation.

Clarification of business relations

  • Whenever purchasing components and materials from a supplier, HKT will pay attention to their raw materials, etc., and deal with them fairly, transparently, and freely. Then, by using those components and materials, the company will provide reliable products which customers can use without anxiety.
  • HKT will, with great priority, clearly follow the laws and regulations while pursuing business deals.

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