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We have been developing and producing automotive parts such as horns, magnetic valves, and glow plugs for 70 years. HKT products are used for trucks and buses around Japan, supporting the foundations of logistics and various other industries. These products are also updated in accordance with changes in customer requirements while adding new function and use. In order to realize this, we have been accumulating know-how so as to continuously improve all roles and functions in our manufacturing. I believe it is human resources development that is a most-important issue.
Now, the world is shifting toward stronger coexistence with our global environment, and we need to drastically change our business view from diesel vehicles to electric vehicles. HKT will fulfill the wide-ranging requests of customers and will continue to blaze new trails toward enhancing the happiness of our employees, for maintaining the growth and continuation of company, and for making a contribution to society.
We thank you for your continued support, and please look forward to the future in front of us.

Shigeru Akiyama

Company Overview

PresidentShigeru Akiyama
Establishment March 25, 1954
Company address5-8-24 Nishi-hashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa, 252-0131 Japan
Capital85.52 million yen
Number of employees172
Telephone+81 42-700-6641
Fax+81 42-700-0773

(As of July 1, 2023)

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