HKT Fuel Pumps

About Fuel Pumps

This pump is mainly used for vehicles with a gasoline engine, supplying fuel to the engine.
HKT has a rich product line-up, mainly for vehicles manufactured by Japanese companies.


In-tank Type

The pump is installed in the fuel tank. It is extremely durable and provides a stable fuel supply.
HKT has an abundant product line-up, including models for compact cars as well as for SUVs which require large flow rates.

In-line Type

This pump is installed outside the fuel tank to supply fuel to the engine.
It is made of metal, which is exceptionally resistant to rust and heat, providing the durability to function in severe environments.
HKT offers two types of in-line fuel pumps: 12V and 24V, which are used not only for passenger vehicles, but also for agricultural machinery and generators.


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