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Temperature Sensors

HKT developed temperature sensors to measure high temperature gases such as EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) and exhaust fumes, by including thin-film platinum RTD (resistance temperature detector) elements from Heraeus of Germany, to use for post processing of exhaust gases from diesel engines.
This sensor is capable of linearly measuring temperatures from low to high, compared with the thermistors which are conventionally used for trucks.

Air Cylinders

An air cylinder uses compressed air to provide drive capability. This cylinder is combined with a positive pressure magnetic valve to allow straight-line motions of a link mounted joint. It is used for opening and closing the front folding doors of buses, as well as opening and closing of the doors of other industrial equipment.

Thermo Units

A thermo unit is a highly accurate sensor that detects temperature by using a thermistor.
It is mainly used for measuring the temperature of the coolant water in the engine. It is also used to send signals to the ECU.
The product in the picture is a composite coolant water temperature sensor, whose metal case contains two highly accurate thermistor elements that have different characteristics, used for detecting the coolant water temperature of vehicles. This one sensor is capable of having the functions of several temperature sensors.
In addition, there is a thermo unit which contains only one thermistor element, as well as a unit modularized with a thermostat.

Starter Switches

A starter switch is an essential part for starting and stopping gasoline and diesel engines.
HKT starter switch is both high quality and durable. It has a long history of use by many construction machinery manufacturers as well as shipbuilding companies.

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