HKT Glow Plugs

About Glow Plugs

A glow plug facilitates the starting of the diesel engine when it is cold by glowing in a combustion chamber within the engine. It is also called a heater plug.
HKT manufactures two types of glow plugs. A metal-type glow plug where heater elements are made of a heat-resistant alloy, and a ceramic-type glow plug made of silicon nitride.
Our assorted product lineup for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and marine vessels all receive high acclaims from customers from all over the world.


Metal Type

The heat elements at the tip of these glow plugs are made of metal. There are two types: the single coil type, and the dual coil type which uses both heating coils and regulating coils.
Metal types are classified into six categories by engine type and control systems for which the glow plugs are used: Standard, Quick, Quick glow system (QGS type), Super quick (SQ type), Long post heating (LPH type), and Instant glow system (IGS type).

Ceramic Type

The heat elements at the tip of these glow plugs are made of ceramic. This type of glow plug can rise in temperature quickly compared with the metal type. Thanks to the features of quick temperature rise and maintaining high temperatures, this type of glow plug tends to have a more efficient combustion, greatly contributing to suppress exhaust gas volumes and improving performance when starting engines. Moreover, their heat resistant properties and durability are excellent, with longer life achieved compared with the metal-type glow plugs.


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