HKT Horns

About Horns

Horns are alarm whistles. They are required to be installed in commercial and passenger vehicles as a safety device, which notifies other traffic vehicles of its presence.
There are two types of horns: air horns, which create alarm sounds by sending compressed air from a compressor, and electric horns, which provide sounds using electricity.
HKT horns have both good volume and excellent durability, as they are installed in commercial vehicles and construction machinery.


Air Horns

Horns are critical warning sound devices that directly relate to safety. Horns are required to provide performance and quality that never fail under any situation.
In addition to acoustic pressure and quality, HKT air horns have essential elements required for trucks in recent years, such as light weight and space-saving features.

Electric Horns (For commercial vehicles)

Electric horns are also employed in heavy trucks due to space-saving features and simplification of the layout.
Electric horns are small, but possess high sound pressure levels, fulfilling the regulation standards of the ECE.

Electric Horns (For construction machinery)

HKT electric horns ensure high reliability even in severe environments of construction machinery, having a grill guard which protects the sound generator from stepping stones, and also a bracket which can withstand high vibration.

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