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About Solenoids

A solenoid is a component that converts electric energy into mechanical energy by using electromagnetic force.
Once electric current passes through it, the coils generate a magnetic field, and the inductive coils wrapped around the fixed iron core collects the magnetic force, becoming an electromagnet. This allows the movable iron core to lock onto the fixed iron core.
The linear motion of solenoids is employed in order to control various mechanical and electrical operations.


Stator Solenoid

A stator solenoid, which efficiently utilizes the generated magnetic field in a coil, is employed in the system which directly injects fuel into diesel engines.

Solenoids (For control)

This type of solenoid drives the hydraulic valve at the place where it is attached (such as the housing) by using the linear motion of the movable iron core.
It is primarily used to control the hydraulic system of construction vehicles.

HUB Magnet

This is a solenoid applied to the Antilock Brake System (ABS) of railway vehicles.
Two coils are integrally molded and can withstand the high voltage of pantographs.
We provide two types of hub magnets with different connector shapes: DIN connectors (German national standard), and Schlemmer connectors.

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